Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy & Commitment

Working towards a Carbon Neutral Operation

Fylde Executive Cars Ltd are providers of chauffeur and courier services for industry and commerce. The company recognises that its employees and business activities will impact on both the local and global environment and that we have a responsibility to the community to minimise the adverse effects on the environment whenever possible.

In previous years we have partnered with the Carbon Footprint organisation in planting native broad leaved trees to help offset our Carbon Footprint. In 2017 our move to introduce the fuel efficient SMART Cars to our fleet will help us work towards environmentally sound business practices that will help mitigate the 650 tonnes of carbon produced each year by our transport and office operations.  In 2018 moved to Hybrid and Plug In Hybrid vehicles across our Company Fleet to speed up our commitment to a greatly reduce Carbon Footprint.

This policy commits Fylde Executive Cars to:

  • Establish and environmental management system to ensure the integration of environmental considerations in all our business activities
  • Ensure that we consider and then aim to meet or exceed relevant environmental initiatives and expectations
  • Adopt standards of environmental protection from best industry practice, or indeed to lead in our field. We will strive to improve standards where reasonably practical and economic
  • Integrate environmental considerations into driver-training techniques, including road safety. Increase staff and customer awareness of this policy through training, publicity and our internal chauffeur guidelines. We will extend this policy into areas of procurement, waste management and external contract services where practical
  • Ensure that the Management has overall responsibility for this policy and for implementation of the environmental management system.

Carbon Neutrality:

Fylde Executive Cars are committed to researching the feasibility of alternative fuel powered vehicles such as Hydrogen and battery cell. We are also keen to become a carbon neutral company by giving our clients the opportunity to carbon offset their journeys in the future.

Office Procedures:

Procurement of stationary for internal office use will be specified as re-cycled where available. Paper, card, printer cartridges and other such materials will be collected and delivered to the local re-cycling points.

All non-essential office equipment and lighting will be switched off when not needed.

Electronic reservations, billing and invoicing systems will be used when possible to reduce paper-based systems.

Vehicle servicing & Dispatch procedures:

Vehicles will be maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s service schedules. Our chauffeur daily checks routine will aid fuel efficiency by ensuring tyre pressures are correct.

Monitoring of daily work programmes will ensure that un-loaded miles are reduced. The car share scheme managed by us will be expanded to all clients, giving them an option to share their vehicle with other passengers and so reducing their CO2 emissions.

Fylde Executive Cars long-term objectives are:

  • To reduce our energy costs, by procuring energy at the most cost effective price
  • Reduce the companies Carbon Footprint
  • Reduce our consumption of fossil fuels
  • Increase the proportion of renewable energy compared to fossil fuels
  • Increase our investment in clean, energy efficient technologies and equipment

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